(Formerly Livid) Set in a future where consumerism has made much of Earth into a junk heap, Peter Payne is a trashformer, a scavenger, a kid under the thumb of a world too brutal to stay human. When his one chance for love and to change his fate is violently torn away from him, he embarks on a quest to rebuild the object of his obsession.

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The opening

Kathal Hill is one of the places where I spend my days rummaging through the piles of rubbish. It makes my fingertips so tired I can no longer feel them, and I often have to stop and rest. Today I settle into a discarded pilot seat, extract my military binoculars from my overalls, set the zoom to 10x, and watch her.

About the Author

Francesco Verso is an Italian author and this is his first work to be published in English. Winner of the Urania-Mondadori Award, Verso writes classic sci-fi inspired by contemporary social and environmental concerns that are explored through characters that are beautifully fallible.

  • Winner of 2013 Odissea Award by Delos Books.
  • Winner of 2014 Cassiopea Award.
  • Finalist at Italia Award.
  • Finalist at Vegetti Award.
Fantastica says

“Filled with themes of cybernetics, prosthetics, consumerism, over-consumerism, robotics and transcendence, Nexhuman expands on classic tropes to build a world as deep and compelling as the main character.

Nexhuman is the first book Fantastica have published and we’re fortunate to have been able to work with such a talented and dedicated author.”

Translation edited by Thomas, David and Lucy.