Who We Are

We are speculative fiction addicts. Spec fic, in our eyes, encompasses hard SF, fantasy, weird fiction and more.

We like genre fiction that makes us think, that has at its base an intellectual stimulation aroused through speculation on humanity, the planet(s) and technology (or lack thereof). We like the ‘what if…?’ We want to see what could be or might have been.

There seems to be a dearth of this ‘intelligent’ genre fiction. We know there are writers out there with grand ideas who want to express them, and there are readers who want to find something that truly challenges the status quo. Not only that but we believe there is strong potential in Australian writers to produce excellent speculative fiction, and we want to bring these voices to the worldstage. We’re a bunch of fans looking to make a change to the scene.

What We Do

Our aim is to publish great speculative fiction that makes our readers think.

We are a profit-sharing, joint-venture imprint, i.e. we do fair splits between author, editor and publisher that are better than most companies.

We work closely with authors and wish to form long-term relationships with like-minded people. Our end goal is to have an illustrious list of brilliant, sparkling minds.

We make our books available worldwide through all major channels as both ebooks and as high-quality print-on-demand books.

Fantastica works under the umbrella of Xoum Publishing (they handle the business side so we can just think about the creative side).

All members of Fantastica are volunteers.

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