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What We’re Playing: The Witcher 3

The third installment of the Witcher series of games is by far the best yet, and is one of the better games I’ve played in quite a while. You can blame it for the lack of Fantastica posts from me for the last few months. I don’t play that many games but late last year […]

5 Cool Things: November 2015 (Mars Edition)

Every month we bring you five things that we think are cool. Because that’s how we roll.  This month, to celebrate the release of The Martian, the discovery of flowing water on the red planet, and because it’s all-round pretty cool, we bring you 5 Cool Things, the Mars edition. 1. Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson […]

What We’re Reading: The World Without Us

Chris: Imagine if humans disappeared tomorrow. What would we leave behind? How long would it last? These questions are at the heart of The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It’s a book I mentioned in a list of Cool Things a few months ago, but I wanted to explore it further here. The setup reads […]

What We’re Playing: Deponia

Chris: Players of indie games may think a review of Deponia is a little late. With the original released in 2012, and the final trilogy actually being wound up in October 2013, I’m exactly two years behind the times. But with a reading list up to my eyeballs and a playing list about as long, I […]

What We’re Reading: Station Eleven

‘What was lost in the collapse: almost everything, almost everyone, but there was still such beauty.’   CM: When I saw Emily St. John Mandel speak several weeks ago at the Sydney Writers’ Festival I was interested enough by how she described Station Eleven to immediately purchase a copy. Not because it’s another post-apocalyptic story […]

What We’re Reading: Half a King (Shattered Sea #1)

CM: With Half a King, Joe Abercrombie makes his first foray into fantasy fiction aimed at a younger audience. As the first in his ‘Shattered Sea’ trilogy it establishes a world both broad in scope and yet intimately focused on the plight the protagonist, Yarvi. If anything with ‘YA’ in front of it makes you […]

What We’re Reading: Neuromancer

CM: Given I’ve been into SF since about the age of ten some might say I came to William Gibson’s Neuromancer late. It’s one of those classics everyone’s read, or if they haven’t they know a lot about it. Which is what made me feel like there wasn’t any rush. But that assumption was wrong. […]