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What We’re Playing: Deponia

Chris: Players of indie games may think a review of Deponia is a little late. With the original released in 2012, and the final trilogy actually being wound up in October 2013, I’m exactly two years behind the times. But with a reading list up to my eyeballs and a playing list about as long, I […]


Nexhuman Afterword

TDW: Exciting news, everyone. We have just re-released Livid by Francesco Verso as Nexhuman! This means a revised jacket and a new afterword written by Jana Vizmuller-Zocco, which you can read below. And don’t for get you can now get Nexhuman from your favourite retailer.

Annihilation book image

What We’re Reading: Annihilation

MR: Walking the line between science fiction and horror, Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation is a fabulous read exploring the inevitable futility behind clutching to reason, science, and civilisation. It won the 2014 Nebula and Shirley Jackson Awards for Best Novel. The story follows one of the members of the twelfth expedition sent into the abandoned and […]


What We’re Reading: The Dispossessed

Fantastica crew member Mark reflects on reading Ursula Le Guin’s 1975 ‘The Dispossessed’, a science fiction classic examining capitalism, anarchism and most things in-between.  MR: The first Ursula Le Guin book I picked up was A Wizard of Earthsea. I was 10 at the time and obsessed with fantasy.

5 Cool Things Mars Edition

5 Cool Things – October 2015

Every month we bring you five things that we think are cool. Because that’s how we roll. You may also have this opinion once you check them out. Are you aware of cool things yourself? Let us know below!  1. Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune) By Georges Méliès Chris: The Netflix […]

The Dark Forest

What We’re Reading: The Dark Forest

TDW: Let me start by saying that The Dark Forest, next instalment by Liu Cixin, represents everything I love about sci-fi, and why sci-fi is the greatest. Specifically, it has intrigue, great technology, serious ‘oh fuck’ moments and, most importantly, teaches us about love and humanity. It was a riveting read, and a perfect sequel to The Three […]